Upcoming IPOs in June (India) 2023

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Hey friends, In this article we are going to talk about the Upcoming IPOs in June 2023. So, our team has done great job and finded List of Upcoming IPOs in India. Read this article completely to know about the mentioned IPO in detail, so that you can understand everything very well. 

Very good IPOs are coming in June 2023, which we will discuss now. The fundamentals of all the mentioned companies are correct. And due to their great IPO coming, IPO oversubscribe can also be happen. Therefore, read the full blog to know about which IPO can be oversubscribed. Now, let’s talk about the List of Upcoming IPOs in India

Upcoming IPOs in June 2023  

Upcoming IPOs in June (India) 2023


Company Name Exchange Coming Date
Global Surfaces Ltd NSE, BSE June 2023
Bharat FIH Ltd NSE, BSE June 2023
Go Airlines (India) Ltd NSE, BSE June 2023
Gemini Edibles And Fats India Ltd NSE, BSE June 2023

Global Surfaces Ltd  

Global Surfaces is a company that specializes in the distribution and fabrication of natural stone surfaces which was headquartered in Jaipur, Rajasthan. It was founded in 1991 and do distribution of, such as granite, marble, quartzite, and other engineered stone surfaces like quartz. They provides these surfaces to architects, designers, builders, and homeowners for use in commercial as well as residential. 

Bharat FIH Ltd.

This company is a subsidiary of Foxconn company. Bharat FIH Ltd is engaged in the business of manufacturing and Assembling mobile phone, specially for Xiaomi and Nokia. Along with this, This company also involved in Designing, Development, sales service etc. 

So, this company will raise a fund of INR 5000 crore. As the company said, the fund will be used for three purpose. For upgrading and Expanding the existing campuses. The company will finance its subsidiary company RSTPL and Some fund will used for General Corporate Purposes. (List of Upcoming IPOs in India)

Go Airlines (India) Ltd 

Go Airlines Ltd was incorporated in 2004 and This company provides affordable air travel facility. The main Aim of this company is to provide cheap and affordable air travel facility to the people. This company connects 25 states of its country, and it also has 10 international airports. Along with this, This company has 57 aircraft in which 50 A320 NEO and 7 A320 CEO aircraft. 

(Upcoming IPOs in June 2023) So, this company wants to raise a fund of INR 3600 crore from public. So the use of the funds raised will be as follows – First of all this company will spend some money to pay its loan, after that some fund will be used for Replacement of letter of credit, Repayment of dues to Indian Oil Corporation, lease Rentals and some fund will used for General Corporate Purposes. 

Gemini Edibles & Fats India Ltd 

This company is the fastest growing of edible oils company in India. Gemini is one of the largest producer and manufacturer of Sunflower Oil with the brand name of ‘Freedom’. This company sells edible oil to its three types of consumers. First one is Branded Retail Consumers, second one is Industrial Consumers and third one is Bulk Merchandising. So, this ipo can also give you multibagger listing gain.


I hope you have understood about Upcoming IPOs in June 2023 in which we have seen List of Upcoming IPOs in India. If you want to know more about that, you can ask by commenting.  And if you have any doubt in your mind then you can still ask by commenting in which we will Will try our best to answer the question. That’s all for today, see you with a new wonderful article.


Q: How many IPO will launch in June 2023?

Ans: we can not tell the exact number of IPO which will launch in June 2023. But IPO can come and we can’t tell how much will come maximum.

Q: Is it good to invest in IPO? 

Ans: It can be bad or good it’s totally depends on your analysis. If your analysis is good and you are thinking to invest then you gonna make huge listing gain. But on contrary, if you don’t know how to do fundamentals analysis of any company, So our opinion will always be that you do not invest. Investing in IPOs is totally your decision.

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